Hardscape Design

Front Steps and Paver Hardscapes Hardscape design and installation is a very important part of any landscaping project. No garden or yard is complete unless it has a certain amount of hardscaping in it. Some of these elements will be highly functional while others will be purely cosmetic in nature. No matter which category it falls in, hardscaping works in tandem with softscaping to give the garden or any open space a cohesive and well-planned look.

Experienced Landscape Designers

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Phillips Landscape Group has over 20 years of experience in hardscape design and every project, large or small is handled with expertise and skill. We serve residential and commercial customers and create the most stunning hardscapes for them. Whether you have any existing hardscape element that needs to be remodeled or you wish to add a new installation to the landscape, we are the right company for you. We also offer hardscape design and Installation services as part of our overall landscape services and can handle the entire project for you.

Every single solution is customized to your needs because we believe that every client is special and has an individual style. Our work reflects the personal taste of the homeowners and complements the structure that is on it. Any hardscaping that you wish to have installed is rarely a standalone piece. We will take all the softscaping features into account when we handle your hardscape design and installation project for you.

Varied Services

HardscapesThus, we also help in designing and installing the green spaces which include trees, shrubs and lawns. This combined service that we provide adds to the value and curb appeal of your home. Every one of the solutions that we offer is low-maintenance and creates spaces that are beautiful and true works of art. We offer hardscaping services such as:

HardscapesThere are numerous elements that we take into account while carrying out any hardscape design and installation work. We assess all your specific needs and understand how you prefer to use the outdoor spaces on your property. Our highly trained, creative and skilled team of designers and installation professionals will work very closely with you and help you with selecting materials. These will help in enhancing the look of your property, will be maintenance-free and long-lasting.

Planning it Right

A lot of planning goes into designing outdoor living spaces and the having an outdoor kitchen, a BBQ area, a patio or a deck can open up so many options in outdoor entertainment. Every archway, column, piers or pillar that is installed will help in giving your property a distinguished and unique look. For the best hardscape design and installation, call Phillips Landscape Group on 301-368-3636, via email or regular mail at PO Box 5100, Laytonville MD 20882. We also serve the Montgomery and Frederick Counties.